Why I've Never Blogged

9.25.13   Why have I never blogged? Because blogging is simply an unappealing word, one of those BL words that brings up all the wrong connotations, like blurting, blustering, bludgeoning, blathering, blahblahblah-ing.  Didn’t want to do it.  But in trying to find the sunny side of this I find there are other BL words like Blast! Blare? Bling?? Blitz??? Aaaah. No. The sustained strategic bombing of the UK by the Germans?  But then again - blitz in fact means lightning in German.  So this will be my reference.  Lightning. We must whenever possible seek to redeem words which have been injured by history... of which there are thousands.

I once had to give myself a meaningful nickname - this was how I’d be known to others in my tribe at a survival camp - and I chose Blue Sky Lightning.  Meaning lightning you could see in the daylight... huh? Oh well, then I changed it to Ecstatic Puppy Comet.  What's in a name?

Anyhow - here we go.  Excuse the early indulgence.  Or not.  And be forewarned that I will often digress into the nature of the language in which I think, talk and not always dream.  English.  That language that spans from heaven to hell on a daily basis.  That language which is the etheric plasma to the neosphere, to global culture and to my febrile mind.