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High Sci-Fi critter in real life

Okay, we're science geeks here. Everything from spiders to nebulae to bioluminescence. We knew octopi to be the coolest manifestations of adaptability, the greatest shape-shifters ever, yet had no idea of the breadth of their talents. Awesome is in fact an accurate adjective here for the footage in this short video by marine biologist Robert Hanlan. 

Progress or Bizarre Cul de Sac?

A populace constantly nodding their heads and murmuring "Okay, Glass... ?"  With our robotic cars in gear, I guess it will all seem perfectly normal? Yet, much as I ramp up with every new tech phenom, I keep thinking wistfully of a teepee somewhere in the wilds.

Let's send messages to Gliese 667C

So I leapfrogged from a squib on the homepage of Wikipedia, which may just become my new homepage, to a twitter search about this planet now discovered to have a total of 5 orbiting planets.  Thereupon found this great video from, where they are crowdsourcing Messages To Extraterrestrial Intelligence. METI. It's actually kind of an inspiring monologue.