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The Cosmos in Transition

Over two days recently, NASA captured a 200,000 mile long filament of solar material ripping through the sun's corona. Despite appearances, the sun is not made of fire, but of plasma: particles so hot their electrons have boiled off, creating a charged gas that is interwoven with magnetic fields. Where you see red, the plasma roils at 90,000° F. The yellow arcade of loops, at 1,000,000° F, highlights material coursing along giant magnetic field loops, which are growing and expanding as the filament pulls them upward. Yikes, the cosmos in transition.  And us like the Who in Horton's grasp...

James Turrelll Interview

This lovely, understated fellow is one of our greatest artists.  Perhaps his most remarkable work is the Roden Crater, the vast installation created within a desolate mound in an empty stretch of Arizona desert; it is both an earthwork (and an enormous architectural engineering feat) and a lightwork.  But his focus is always on the light. He calls us heliotropic.  Says we breathe light. Turrell reminds us of this simple truth, and in so doing reorients us toward that which banishes darkness.

John Jay, of Weiden + Kennedy, on creativity

John Jay, creative genius at celebrated ad agency Weiden + Kennedy, talks about creativity... how it involves getting back to the street, breaking free of the silo effect. He's got a new 'garage' wing of the agency and works with creatives of all stripes. I'd love to be there.