VDay Gift Guide: Ladies

A list of forget-me-nots as unique as she is

So "if you really love someone, set them free"… from the tiresome routines of Valentine’s day! 
Make this one memorable. Whether it is a scent to remember or a piece of art for her boudoir or office, she is sure to understand the depth of your thoughtfulness. If these pieces don't tickle your fancy, head on over to our gift guide for art lovers for more inspiration. 

Objects on the Table | Carlos San Millan ($60)

Carlos San Millan has an extraordinary sense of color and uses it mostly with interiors and landscapes. But the dreamy shifting palette of this minimal still life so beautifully capture a lush meditative moment that I think any woman (short of a hard-core punk) would love this.

Tiffany Pine Bough Fountain Pen | MMA ($200)

This pen is a divine throwback to a world we all miss. With this lovely pen in hand, I’d be surprised if you don’t find yourself the recipient of real love letters. Dangerous!

Racoon Yellow | Ingvill Gaarder ($60)

Oh well, maybe your gal has a twisted sense of humor and remembers having a collection of these little critters usually bought in places like tourist gift shops. This cracks me up.

Scarf | Marc by Marc Jacobs ($148)

This scarf has such a springtime quality I want to inhale it!

Heidemarie Kral | Victor Stamp ($450) 

A sixties model channeling Aleister Crowley? This one’s for the woman with a sense of the mystical and a sense of humor.  Victor stamp is a collagist to watch.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne | Joe Malone ($120) 

Maybe you’ve never tried mixing scents, but I sometimes find it fun to take a lighter floral or citrusy scent and darken it a bit, bring it down to earth. Sage and sea salt? Who doesn’t love what that evokes?

Square Peaches | Antonia Williams ($84) 

The voluptuousness of fruit always seems to evoke the female.  But even as this still life strikes a perfumed chord, it plays a capricious melody.

Rumi: The Book of Love | Coleman Barks ($13)

Alongside Neruda, Rumi is one of the great poets of love. He has clearly experienced every level of the yearning and madness it inspires.

Pink Dahlias Still Life | Kaley Rhodes ($120) 

The brushwork in this painting by Kaley Rhodes can only be appreciated in full view. An economy of strokes gives this work an almost supernatural presence. I would buy as a canvas, with a white wrap.