VDay Gift Guide: Guys

From works of art to the art of fashion, we bring you the best gifts for your man

So "if you really love someone, set them free"… from the tiresome routines of Valentine’s day! Make this one memorable.  Give him something he can put on his wall - in his man cave or office or woodshed. When he looks at it he will always be reminded of your love.

In honor of Eros, the god of Love, we've chosen some pieces that emphasize masculinity. But you know your guy… maybe he’s the contemplative type, into landscapes or abstracts, then check out our art lovers gift guide for the perfect fit. 

Luchadores | Davide RATZO Ratti ($60)

There is something mysterious and powerful about a Luchadore fighter. And yet in full color, the costumes look almost cartoonish. That this one is rendered in grays, somehow makes the fighter more fearsome.

Tsovet Watch | ($250)


We love the simple styling of this watch, the contrast of pewter and graphite against cinnamon brown leather... and the single stitch detail, which lends a nautical touch.

Bull 3 | Nicola Pucci ($90)


This bull is moving, man. Got stuff on his mind. Pucci has done a masterful job of integrating form and action, drawing and painterly gesture, and has captured a bull that is bigger than the sum of his parts.

'Tam Dao' | Diptyque ($90)


I don’t know about you, but I am mad for the scent of Sandalwood.  It is magical, earthy and evocative of faraway worlds where elephants run free.  

From Ash | Hannah Ward ($90)


With her extraordinary colored pencil work Hannah Ward seems to have caught this buck in a moment of transcendence, perhaps having evaded yet another bullet.

100 Love Sonnets | Neruda ($10) 


You've probably read Neruda; He is one of the world’s greatest poets, and certainly one of the princes of love poetry. This is a man who has truly inhabited the realm of love. Make your boy read these to you late at night.

Attitude Derriere | Victor Stamp ($300)


Victor Stamp does limited edition prints of his collage works, most of which are outré or wickedly funny. This piece has a poignant lyrical quality that might appeal to many a man hiding his artistic side.

Scarf | Paul Smith ($150)


Under a blazer or a jeans jacket, this lightweight Paul Smith scarf will lend a suave Italian air to even the most American guy. (Bonus: It goes great with silver hair.)

Alpin Steinbock | Jennifer Franzke ($450) 


Such great draughtsmanship, such a dynamic composition. Jennifer Franzke’s Steinbock is having a moment of triumph and yet stands as a metaphor for tragic ephemerality of life.