Sex Survey for Men 50+

Are we Gettin' Jiggy Enuf?

Why has Realize created this survey?

We believe sex is as important at this age as ever. For the intimacy, the liberation, the joy. And we think that guys of a certain age don’t get enough space to unburden themselves about their sex lives. The media is full of patronizing pep talks or downright negativity about anyone over 50 ‘doing it.’  

Perhaps the search is no longer for quantity but quality. Perhaps we learn to be connoisseurs of sex as an art form.  Or not. You tell us

Look, we know we need it.  Most of us want it.  So let’s talk about it!
Since you will most likely want to take this survey anonymously, simply log out and then proceed. 

Btw - Ladies, you’re next:)

Please understand this survey is not an exercise in titillation, but an honest inquiry into the nature of the sexual experience for older men.  That being said, have fun filling it out.  And please tell the truth;) And if you are under, say 47, and feel like taking this survey - don't; it will just skew the results. Thanks.

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Again, if you're not nearly 50 or over 50, please don't take this survey. We're looking for an honest appraisal here!
In general please keep your responses succinct. Thanks!
You can choose as many as apply...
Give this one some thought... you can wax poetic if you want:)
Hate the word, but the feeling ain't bad...
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Don't worry, we're not easily shocked. And besides, that's the beauty of fantasy - it's your world and you rule it.
choose any or all
Describe if you like.
Mention which, if you like.
This feels like an important question. Since we want everyone to have a happy sex life, we want to examine where the obstacles are.
(This doesn’t have to be physical!)
Elaborate if you like.
Don't be shy.
Notice we've given you room to expand on this one:)
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