Rockin' The Style Thing +50

Vintage + Modern Mash-up

Tired of not seeing models your age in fashion shoots?  Well, Realize took matters into our own hands to prove that women in fact get more stylish the older they get. We don’t have the keys to the showrooms that Vogue does, so Beatrice Novoa and I just rifled through our own closets and unleashed our restless imaginations.  

The point here is that, unless you’re marvelously assiduous about throwing out older fashion, you too probably have a lot of fun stuff buried in the gloom of your closet.  Now as artists, Beatrice and I are prone to messing with idioms (yeah, and the necessity of an artist’s budget is definitely the mother of invention) but we think everyone should do this.  Especially post 50, when we come to recognize that we really don’t give a fig about current trends. (Well anyhow, not like we used to:) 

So what we’ve done here is pull out some pieces that, when mixed with modern elements, rise above their era and gain a whole new life. Since we’ve also done a lot of sale shopping along the way, many of these pieces were nabbed out of some nice stores for 1/2 price.

Here’s the general idea: take a Rumanian peasant blouse of your grandmother’s and pair it with skinny jeans, slide a funky t-shirt under a classic blazer, pop some chunky contemporary jewelry over your mother’s Indian print gown, wear cowboy boots with anything!

You might say that’s the bailiwick of artists, but then aren’t we all really?


Kenneth Locker, photographer


We were enormously lucky to have Ken Locker as the photographer on this shoot.  He has the instincts of a director and the chops of Annie Liebovitz.  Ken has had a diverse career in photography, documentary films, television and digital media. After studying photography with the legendary Minor White at MIT, he worked extensively in both editorial and fashion photography in NY, before becoming a documentary producer, director and cinematographer. He continued his career as an executive in the television industry and an entrepreneur in digital media. He is based in Los Angeles where he pursues his work in both portraiture and fine art photography.  You can find more of his work at