REALIZE Gift Guide: Art Lovers

This curated list will help you give something beautiful this year

As an amateur curator, I have spent years hunting for a quality online art purveyor and finally experienced a "Eureka!" moment when I discovered a fantastic resource for art lovers: You will see from our line-up below, that every genre of work can be found here.  Whether you dig Pop Art or Abstract Expressionist, traditional landscapes or still lifes, portraits evocative of Rembrandt or inspired by Francis Bacon, there is something on this site for you. From original canvases, watercolors and drawings, to sculptures, prints on canvas, and fine art paper. The works can be purchased as prints from $40 and originals, from $1000.


Maurice Sapiro | "Blue Mist"

This American painter is now in his eighties and has produced an extraordinary body of
landscapes (as well as a few portraits) each one of which captures a moment where light
and land commingle to create a moment of glory.

Maurice Sapiro | "The Marsh in September"
Sapiro's brushwork is astounding, as a close-up view will reveal.


Nicola Pucci | "Woman with Dogs"
This Italian artist has captured not just a face, but an entire persona and narrative in
this painting.

Cezary Kielar | "Portrait of Anna"
This dutch painter has a deft way with the brush and manages to find an expression of self,
even in a jumbled clutch of blonde hair.


Hanna Ilczyszyn | "Boy"
The wonderful brushwork and eerie palette of this Polish artist evince a child's
perspective of a wild and unknown planet.

Amy Bernays | "Fear of Flying"
This tiny work, by American Amy Bernays, in a few, swift brushstrokes, brilliantly
evokes a whole sensation of childhood.

Old Master

Richard Scott | "Br'er Rabbit"
This young American artist is following the rich vein of the Old Masters, and creates a
sumptuous effect. But every artist adds another dimension to their work in their titles,
a white rabbit called Br'er Rabbit? Doesn't get more political than that.

Anna Madia | "The Caress of the Moon"
French artist Anna Madia makes wonderful portraits, whimsically surreal, shimmery, like
the stuff of dreams.


Dirk Dzimirsky | "The Past Has To Start Somewhere"
Another great title from a German artist whose draftsmanship is exquisite and whose
subject matter toys with history by dressing a classical nude in hesitant garb as she faces
the future through a private 3-D world.

Hanna Ilczyszyn | "Rainbow Bear"
Humans dressing as animals, wearing antlers or tails, have become a whole new
genre. But Ilczyszyn, whose Boy is featured above pushes the concept into the most
amusing and succint expression I've seen so far.


Casey Matthews | "Circle the Correct Answer"
Whereas early abstract artists tended to go more geometric, or neo-Cubist, many modern 
artists are choosing these sort of sub-atomic motifs. There is something effervescent in this
work, playful and free.  

Amanda Krantz | "Plasmic Thing"
This artist, an American, follows the same playful muse and derives great joy in her wake. 
Her textures and fanciful translucent shapes almost sing.


Guokaijun Guokaijun | "Have Meals"
Well, as long as we're being amused, this Chinese artist, most of whose work is dressed in
these red and blue stripes, has found a novel way to turn animal art into Op Art.

Zeke Garcia | "Donut II"
This is a funny, sweet small work that would look great in any kitchen.  I love the
way the plate seems to hover in chocolate hyper space.


Loui Jover | "2 Dogs"
This brushy ink drawing, by Australian Loui Jover, catches a canine moment with
phenomenal calligraphic precision.

Mehmet Dere | "What is the Happiness"
Okay, I'm showing my true colors here. I adore Felix the cat and this little cartoony work
by Turkish artist, Mehmet Dere, cracks me up.


Santiago Vanegas | "Iceland #1964"

I featured the work of this gifted photographer in my introduction to Saatchiart.  
I find his images to be bold, inspired and nothing short of iconic.

Marija Ivkovic
| "Vatnajökull Glacier - Southern Iceland"

This image, by Icelandic photographer Marija Ivkovic, is stunning in its simplicity,
and in the message it conveys about time and the marvels of our endangered planet.