Music Videos We Love

So we have a thing for the Brits

Django DJango's got it down. The surf guitar, the tambourines and bells, more often than not a shake your booty backbeat (tho not here) and videos that prove video art is alive and well.  This one in particular - with its interweaving of Sisyphus, a Metal Apocalypse, and ye olde paradigm of Multi-Universes.

Punch Brothers: Rye Whiskey

This is a group that takes Bluegrass to a whole new level of virtuosity. Chris Thiele, who emerged as a phenom at age 13, is now a true superstar from Brooklyn to SF.  This is just the tip of their iceberg. Of choosing the title, Thile notes, “'Antifogmatic' is an old term for a bracing beverage, generally rum or whiskey, that a person would have before going out to work in rough weather to stave off any ill effects."

Björk: Big Time Sensuality

Like the Gabriel video below, made in the early nineties, this video however is an examplary use of the minimal approach. One performer doing her thing. Of course, the fact that it is one of the all-time world's greatest songstresses and imp par excellence makes it work. Not to mention the fact that the lyrics state a cosmic truth.  Love ya to bits, Björk.