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100 Essays from the personal to the philosophical; from the elegiac to the snarky: from the deadly serious to the deadly seriously funny.

Her Argument is not exactly a memoir but rather more of a what-if book, a ‘what-if you could look at life as an intellectual adventure’ book.

Riffing in a non-linear style off her trajectory as a rebellious young woman growing through adulthood, artist Ellary Eddy presents some iconoclastic variations on the themes of love and death, creativity and curiosity, the elusive nature of identity, and living life to its fullest.

What does it mean to live as an artist? To follow that compelling inner voice which the Greeks call your ‘daemon’, even through the depths of self-doubt? How do we define liberation?

 Stylistically, Eddy veers from the acerbic and amusing, to the thoughtful and poetic, to the intimately conversational as she dives into a wide range of topics: Play and Freedom; Solitude and the Single Life; Philosophy and the English language, Art, Style, and Dogs; Dating, Motherhood, Aging like a Motherf***er and The Good Life.

Eddy poses questions of herself and leads the reader to question themselves as well: Who are you really? Who told you so? Do you actually think you have all the time in the world? What if you could see your circumstances (whatever they might be and the trickiest might be your own ego) as a given that you must overcome as you play the game?

Poignant, honest, and joyful as well, Her Argument builds a provocative argument for the value of self-inquiry, authenticity, humor, and, above all, radical astonishment at the marvel of existence.