Digging Apple Music

Don't Run From It: Streaming Music is the Future and Apple Music's Got ya Covered

Okay, well I'm sort of an unabashed music hound, restless and always following the scent of auditory joy.  After the demise of my old pal rdio (our former streaming service on Realize and yup, that's how it was spelled) I found myself searching about for the best possible service. Always an Apple devotee, I decided to give them my business, and I'm happy I did.

So you'll see above and below that I've clipped a few shots of the various routes Apple gives you into their world. You can either access your own Library, choose to Browse* (new music, rediscovered music, and daily playlists Apple creates,) listen to Apple Radio (lots of stations and genres} or check out the For You section, where Apple does a pretty great job finding tunes and making mixes that you might like, basis your previous choices on Apple Music.  

So here’s the novel move Apple’s made; your Library now becomes a hybrid of your existing iTunes library and whatever music you choose, moving forward, to download from Apple (FREE now that you’re a member!) And you now your Library will be stored in iCloud.  (Don't worry, you keep your old Library intact as well; this is just so you can access everything from everywhere....)  

So to get rolling, you have to turn on iCloud Music Library on both your phone/pad settings and in your iTunes settings on your Mac. Here’s a link to show your how to do that.  But please, give Realize a boost and sign up through our Thanksgiving Playlist!  


So once you're on Apple Music, how do you connect our playlists to your stereo? 1) Airplay it in through your Mac or iPhone/iPad into your Apple TV 2) Use an RCA cable from your iPhone/iPad/Android into your stereo 3) If your stereo is connected wirelessly, just head to Apple Music, choose your speakers and hit play!

Browse will give you access to a variety of playlists (both new music and videos) compiled by ‘authorities’ of various stripes, from Blue Note and Carnegie Hall to Comedy Central and ?Burberry.  Or you can hunt through genres that appeal or go for Top Charts.  You can even choose ‘moods’ or ‘activities.’  These are sort of droll:  there is a grouping of Focus tunes, Sad tunes and Weekend tunes and of course, Romance. But hey, whatever flies your kite. 

 So anyhow, go bounce around in Apple's infinite playground!  And let us know how you like it!