Baby That Skin, Baby

I spend way too much time in the sun, yet a facialist tells me I have great skin for my age... What's my secret?

In fact, I was one of those Bain de Soleil types back in the 60's, so I can see the damage I've done. But I managed to pick up on this magic stuff in time to spare my skin further torture. DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer (SPF 30) has NO nasty toxins, parabens, or preservatives!  And it slides on like whipped cream... Very few major cosmetic companies offer anything like this, not even Neutrogena.  

While I am trying to boost a bit a revenue for Realize and I could send you to Amazon where a 2.5 oz tube goes for $18, I'd rather share the love and send you to my favorite discount online vitamin shop, where I don't have an affiliate kickback and where it's currently selling for $10 a tube.  I just ordered 2...

Check it out!