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We realize ourselves, we realize dreams, we realize truths...


If you’re reading this now, I am assuming that you are a member of the hippest generation, the most revolutionary, ever to arrive on this planet. Perhaps you're too humble to admit it, but we actually invented an entire era, and in turn influenced what followed. We are, however, now turning 50 and 60. Yes, we’re younger and smarter and fitter than our parents were at our age... but that’s not enough. Many of us will be working for years to come, that is if we can handle the competition.

This is a moment in time that is defined by change; there is more new data in the world in the past 48 hours than since the dawn of man. If you don’t stay abreast of it, stay in the flow, you’ll simply drift behind.  But who can stay on top of it all?  The media is coming at us from all quarters - like a cloud of hungry gnats, I’d say.  And at a certain point, if you’re not under 40, you’re probably really tuning out.  I’m not talking about the news, I'm talking about CULTURE.  

And the cost of losing that connection to culture, which after all is what makes us human, is that your imagination begins to shrink. You lose the language to talk to the world and, if you allow that to happen, you render yourself less valuable to the marketplace. Creative thinking is an imperative in these times and this is a world that desperately needs our smarts.  As the new Elders, we are now the generation that creates context.  We are in an ideal position to contribute experience and expertise, but not if we can't correlate the past to the possible future. 

Believe me, something I learned as an artist - you have to know your competition; the era of the Medici’s is long gone. If you’re unaware of what your fellow practitioners are doing out there, you could be painting yourself into your garret corner.  The same holds true if you’re unaware of the movements of the zeitgeist. Really, this is pretty Darwinian. Evolve or perish.


That’s where REALIZE magazine comes in.  We have a mission - to reconnect our generation to its inherent hipness, to keep us on our edge, to create a community of the powerful and self-aware, and those looking to become so. REALIZE aims to be the place you come to explore this wild culture blooming all around us, and together navigate our role in it.  And this is not a purely selfish goal; we owe it to our children, to the generations behind us, to remain as smart, as able and healthy as possible.  There is a dire alternative; our generation, population-wise a lumbering giant, could crush the smaller, younger populations under our weight if we allow ourselves to age unmindfully.

While REALIZE is a work-in-progress, our goal is to become a trusted portal - a curated version of what's great from the world of culture, technology, adventure, style, alternative approaches to finances, relationships and sex. Whether we’re tracking new music through customized embedded playlists (awakening ears is a particular passion of mine) or reviewing what’s significant on the art scene, finding cool new apps for your iPad, telling you about a trailblazing trek through Brazil or news from the frontiers of neuroscience, we always have an eye on the horizon. What really gives, what will last?  We follow people who surprise us; we feature video interviews with artists, scientists, thinkers, builders and community leaders who have accomplished great things.

The word REALIZE is multi-valent. We realize ourselves, we realize dreams, we realize truths. And we aspire to realize our collective enlightenment - artistically, intellectually and spiritually. REALIZE is about embracing and creating change, looking for challenges, seeking higher truths and about getting really buzzed on life.

Join us. This trip’s gonna take us so much farther...

Ellary Eddy, Publisher/Editor

Ellary Eddy is the founder of Realize. Throughout her career, always juggling the ‘fine arts’ with the commercial, she has bounced through advertising and public relations, directed an arts foundation, worked in film development, shot behind-the-scenes videos, written two screenplays, painted two public murals and numerous large oil paintings, taken probably a million photos (even before iPhones), brought up a daughter, created a website devoted to gameplay in the English language, and has now just barely made it alive out of a new book of essays, Her Argument - Epiphanies, Theories, Confessions. The guiding element that propels Ellary is an almost constant state of enthusiasm (or is it madness?) Happily, she has found that each venture informs the next. The guiding element that propels her is an almost constant state of enthusiasm.

Ellary's work has been published on Thrive and Medium.

In many ways the culmination of all her interests, Realize Magazine is the result of several years of cogitation and a sudden conviction that the time was right. Her art and personal blog can found here:

And if you want to know why she's so passionate about music ~ here's a bit on that...

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