If you ain't wearin' one yet, time to reconsider!

Men who venture into the world hatless, have no clue what they're missing, or perhaps they assume they're saving themselves loss of face. Nothing could be farther from the truth! I've encounted many a fellow who is completely unaware of how hot he looks in hats. Or how elegant. Or how alluring, trendy,  jaunty, dashing, radical, charming, you name it, he looks in hats.  

Here is a small homage to the blokes that come right out and declare that they are stylin'! Big time! I love y'all!

This is a roundup of last winter's winners (chatted up on the streets of Manhattan, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco.)  ...

Vintage + Modern Mash-up
How to mix up vintage and modern, for hip women over 50. Tired of not seeing models your age in fashion shoots? Realize took matters into our own hands. We don’t have the keys to the showrooms that Vogue does, so we just rifled through our own closets and unleashed our restless imaginations.
Porkpies Rule, Just ask Walter White...

Porkpie hats have woven a zig-zaggy path through sartorial history.  I imagine Walter White's villainous alter-ego Heisenberg would be startled to hear that Pork pie hats were first worn by American and British ladies in the 1830's. Demure little round hats with narrow, sometimes curled-up brims and short flat crowns, Porkpies were often festooned with a small feather or a bow on one side. The name Porkpie derives from the shape and crease of the crown which bore a likeness to the Melton Mowbray pork pie, a pastry created in Leicestershire around 1760, when fox hunters, looking for a fast-food solution while on the hoof, were...

Over 50? Part of a Rock'n' Roll family? Kindergarten teacher? That's license to play!
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