An artist's video appreciation of the Burden installation, which simultaneously makes a subversive statement and provides maximum fun

I don't usually consider myself an obsessive individual, but when it comes to art, I have found myself occasionally a devotee.  This is the case with Chris Burden's newish installation at LACMA in Los Angeles.  Rather than verbalize my fascination, I simply recorded it, and then celebrated it in my own 'art video'.  Well, I didn't just record it once. I shot on three separate occasions until I felt I had captured the essence of Metropolis II. In fact, I could continue to shoot, find new angles and new approaches to what is, in my opinion, a masterpiece.  This is a work that is at once playful and deadly serious.  Burden lures us in with...

What the Amsterdammers know - video interviews

In the short week I spent in Amsterdam last autumn, I approached four Amsterdammers and asked them one simple question...  What's it like being over 50 in Amsterdam? I was charmed by their responses.

Lovely, open people all.  I wonder, would I get the same reception in L.A.?  Well, maybe if I spoke Dutch...  

Which I'd be happy to learn, just so I could live in that wonderful city on the sea.  Wish I had a clone!  Or another 100 years!


An intimate video discussion with his friend and biographer, Barry Miles
Miles reveals a very different Burroughs than one would expect. What is commonly known about Burroughs is his wild, discursive writing style and the sensational homicide of his wife; what Miles brings to light is that while this event became a dark and visceral shadow for Burroughs, it also became an animating force, one which fueled his later writing career.
Risking Life and Limb, our Fearless Editrix rides and films the streets of Amsterdam.
Short and sweet here, since my video says it all; the best way to catch the vibe of Amsterdam is on TWO WHEELS!
Massive entertainment for the masses

“I want to see the Big Ass Rock”

That’s what I overheard a hefty dame exclaim as I left the scene of the massive artwork known as Levitated Mass, by artist Michael Heizer. Why do I prefer her title?  Oh well, perhaps it doesn’t really do it justice. 

By now thousands of people have stared at this hulk and wondered, why is this Art?  And that's a great thing.  Because that's what Art is supposed to do - make you question it, and everything else too.  At any rate, they all use the rock as a massive photo opp.  How many museum goes does it take to hold up a huge, f'in rock?

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