Explorer Suzanne Klotz on her 20 treks and the cultures she discovered in a nearly unknown region of the Northwestern Indian Himalaya.

I’m often met with blank stares when I tell people that I’ve gone to India twenty times in the last twenty-two years.  In this age of lightning-paced innovation where newness is valued above all else, “been-there-done-that” is the motto and global travelers are always on the lookout for travel’s “next big thing.”  The thirst for thrill and one-off adventure is so unquenchable that Virgin Galactica is promoting rocket-powered pleasure flights to outer space, the ultimate far-flung destination.  With new hot spots constantly “being discovered” on earth and now potentially in the stars, why would one willingly subject oneself to...

What the Amsterdammers know - video interviews

In the short week I spent in Amsterdam last autumn, I approached four Amsterdammers and asked them one simple question...  What's it like being over 50 in Amsterdam? I was charmed by their responses.

Lovely, open people all.  I wonder, would I get the same reception in L.A.?  Well, maybe if I spoke Dutch...  

Which I'd be happy to learn, just so I could live in that wonderful city on the sea.  Wish I had a clone!  Or another 100 years!


Risking Life and Limb, our Fearless Editrix rides and films the streets of Amsterdam.
Short and sweet here, since my video says it all; the best way to catch the vibe of Amsterdam is on TWO WHEELS!
Some of the best memories involve all 5 senses
Terao explores the sites, sounds, smells and flavors of childhood memories shaped by California's wine country.
Escape to Neverland (for grownups)
When it comes to escaping the "real world," these exotic adventures will have you wishing you could never grow up. From California to Florida, these glamorous camping (or glamping) destinations will serve as the perfect backdrop for your next fall or winter getaway.
and Finds a Unique Culture Intact Within the Term Bohemian...

My father was always proud of his Bohemian heritage.  When I was a child, I listened with fascination as he told how the Kingdom of Bohemia was a wealthy, culturally sophisticated and intellectually advanced country when parts of Europe were struggling out of the Dark Ages.  He explained that Czechoslovakia was comprised of Bohemia in the west, Moravia in the east, and Silesia in the north.   It sounded so exotic, like a fantasy kingdom in an old fairy tale. 

I remember learning in school that Bohemia was part of the Holy Roman Empire and later the Hapsburg Empire, and that Charles University in Prague, the...

Culture Shock in South East Asia
Your average American lives in a bubble. A solipsistic bubble. I know because, until I went to Malaysia, I was that American. However, having seen the wild level of modernization and population growth in Kuala Lumpur (not to mention Singapore) I now have a revised identity. This trip opened a new wing in my temporal lobe - one where my position in the world as an American is no longer the slam dunk head of the class, but now just another contender competing with the denizens of an ambitious and talented hemisphere looking for their piece of the action.
From glistening right out of the stream, to drenched in butter and pipian, this trout had a good life

From my view knee deep in the river, real food looked like this: A swift current charged down Utah's Weber, and beyond the stream bright yellow alfalfa, and beyond that a reservoir holding sun-stunned water from the immense snowmelt two seasons ago. It was a blue-ribbon stream, three thousand brown trout per river mile. A teasing impression of plenty.

The drizzly rain made for murky-looking water but what was windowpane clear were the peaks of the Wasatch, a Rocky Mountain sub-range. As well, the flashy noises from magpies doing that magpie thing, wock, wock wock-a-wock, wock, pjur, weer, weer, lending Western authenticity to the...

Rome, the Eternal City.  And eternally magnificent. So little has changed since the last time I was here. Sure a couple of new shops, different looks in the windows, maybe a few menus updated according to modern tastes, and probably more tourists. But for the most part, Rome has remained her same lovely self, a realm of sensory delights. A brilliant cohabitation of the ancient and the modern. If there is a sense that doesn’t get gratified here, I don’t have it. 

What follows is a highly discursive run-down of a week in Rome, spent mostly meandering with an occasional plunge into a museum. Here are the fruits...

Initiated Shaman and Teacher Marti Spiegelman discusses the primacy to modern civilization of some time-honored principles of Consciousness.
A roomful of Futures and Forex traders? Rather unexpected place to meet a Shaman, but there was Marti Spiegelman speaking about how to apply ancient principles of human consciousness to trading.
Peter Cunningham's new book on the rapidly disappearing way of life of the fisherman of Grand Manan Island.
Peter Cunningham's new book on the rapidly disappearing way of life of the fisherman of Grand Manan Island.
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