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Flying Underwater

This is a video I wrote, shot with a Go Pro on a cold winter's day in LA, and edited with my favorite software, Final Cut Pro. Which is all just to say that's how much swimming inspires me... But don't take my word for it, watch the video:) 

The way she moves, the way she laughs, what she knows....

What makes an older woman sexy? I fell asleep the other night wondering this, having contemplated the subtle erosion of the various bodily bits which supposedly evoke sexual urges.

But before I launch into my exegesis, I must make a minor (and defensive) detour and query the same about older men.  What do we find sexy about Jeremy Irons or Clint Eastwood?  Isn’t is their self-assurance?  Their ease?  Why is it considered that they look great when their hair turns silver and lines define their face, yet this doesn’t apply to women?  I know, this is a huge topic, and a bit of an old saw and frankly I’m really...

A 45 year reunion of the Experimental Movement Lab at Connecticut College (plus a slideshow)

Photographer Peter Cunningham documented a day long reunion of a group of Wesleyan and Connecticut College alums who had shared a pivotal experience in the late sixties with dance guru Martha Myers. Realize Magazine, inspired by Cunningham’s wonderful photographs, asked Ara Fitzgerald to talk about the Lab and the reunion.

Or How I Learned to Talk Tree

There is a place we can go, when we allow our minds to go silent, a place full of delight and joy.  I have glimpsed it before, mostly walking in nature.  But in this case, residing for four days in the foothills of the Sierras, it comes to me in spades.  Because here, beneath cobalt blue skies and between bosomy hills draped in dry yellow grasses and peppered with pines and manzanitas, is where my Zen retreat is taking place.

I soon learn this state of joy can happen anywhere, even facing a blank white wall.  For there is an essential joy residing in our natures as well as in nature herself.  That joy is waiting patiently beneath...

These two sisters are still bringing the heat.
When you have nothing to lose, does the game get better? One sister duo is proving that age is just a mindset, both on and off the court.
Floridian Skip Sheffield Proves 'Geezers' can Surf!

Once the surfing bug has bit, it becomes a lifelong affliction.

I first attempted to stand on a homemade plywood surfboard when I was 14. Then on a trip to Santa Barbara CA, when I was 16, I got to ride a real surfboard. I was stoked.

I am now 65 and I still think of myself as a surfer (although I rarely go through the trouble of dragging a board to the beach.) I rationalize by saying that body-surfing is the purest form of surfing.

A few years back I visited Francis Poole, a friend since our college days at Florida Atlantic University. When Francis got a position at...

Director Jack B. Kahuna recounts an awesome game of Hockey played with guys half his age
Play hockey when you're way over 50? A moment of glory can be yours if you just keep playin'.
I spend way too much time in the sun, yet a facialist tells me I have great skin for my age... What's my secret?

In fact, I was one of those Bain de Soleil types back in the 60's, so I can see the damage I've done. But I managed to pick up on this magic stuff in time to spare my skin further torture. DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer (SPF 30) has NO nasty toxins, parabens, or preservatives!  And it slides on like whipped cream... Very few major cosmetic companies offer anything like this, not even Neutrogena.  

While I am trying to boost a bit a revenue for Realize and I could send you to Amazon where a 2.5 oz tube goes for $18, I'd rather share the love and send you to my favorite discount online vitamin shop, where I don't have an...

Our favorite health correspondent, Cathy Goldstein, delivers a bombshell... But you're gonna be fine, just read on.

You may already know that consuming foods that containing hydrogenated oils is unhealthy. But did you know that heating olive oil and other cold pressed, heat fragile oils creates oxidative stress and free radicals? And that with high heat these oils become rancid, and transform into hydrogenated oils? The end result; very unhealthy oils.

 Rancid oils have been shown to have a negative effect on our bodies. These are a few of the dangers:

  • They form harmful free radicals in the body; 
  • cause cellular damage; 
  • have been associated with diabetes,
  • ...
Melissa Knox tells how German women take an alternative approach to aging, at least for now...

The beauty of the internet is stumbling across ex-school mates in far-flung lands; this story from Essen, Germany appears before you thanks to a mutual Alma Mater, the Brearley School, in New York City.  Now let's face it, Americans tend to be a chauvinistic, so we've probably simply assumed that German women would have the same desires to erase evidence of the past as so many of us do.  But Melissa Knox begs to differ...

A Homeopath Questions the Rush to Get Vaccinated...

Maybe you've already been vaccinated, but if not, California based Homeopath Mary Aspinwall explains why you need to ask yourself this vital question. Is it all a big sales job?

In October, the New York Times quoted Michael T. Osterholm, the Director of The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

“We have over-promoted and over-hyped this vaccine. It does not protect as promoted. It’s all a sales job: it’s all public...

Goji Berries - the most Super of Superfruit

Goji Berries are considered one of the greatest of the Super Foods.  Though they are new to the market in the last few years, they’ve been used in Chinese Medicine for millennia as a general body tonic. I used to go to the pharmacy in China Town, in downtown Philadelphia - the only place I could find to buy them. I made a tea from them to drink as a medicinal tonic for 1 week out of every month.

Goji Berries have gained huge popularity both through research and celebrity testimonials  revealing their anti aging secrets. The real story is that the’re loaded with highly concentrated nutrients . The short list: plant-derived...

I came into this world a guppy...

I can define myself any number of ways, but always, at the core of it all - I am a swimmer. I began this life as a guppy in my mother’s womb, a star child in a universe of living liquid - and I have a bone deep urge to reclaim my former paradise.

When I have bad dreams, they are most often about anticipating and preparing to swim but then finding myself before an empty pool.  Or a half-filled one.  Or a polluted one.  Or one that an absurd array of circumstances prevents me from diving into.  These are very bad dreams.

Maybe you didn't make it to the Haight, but it's never too late to free your love.
Summer of Love? Hair flung in ecstatic arcs, gleeful, salacious grins, undulating guitar riffs, bodies cosmically designed for infinite lovemaking.
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