An artist's video appreciation of the Burden installation, which simultaneously makes a subversive statement and provides maximum fun

I don't usually consider myself an obsessive individual, but when it comes to art, I have found myself occasionally a devotee.  This is the case with Chris Burden's newish installation at LACMA in Los Angeles.  Rather than verbalize my fascination, I simply recorded it, and then celebrated it in my own 'art video'.  Well, I didn't just record it once. I shot on three separate occasions until I felt I had captured the essence of Metropolis II. In fact, I could continue to shoot, find new angles and new approaches to what is, in my opinion, a masterpiece.  This is a work that is at once playful and deadly serious.  Burden lures us in with...

If you ain't wearin' one yet, time to reconsider!

Men who venture into the world hatless, have no clue what they're missing, or perhaps they assume they're saving themselves loss of face. Nothing could be farther from the truth! I've encounted many a fellow who is completely unaware of how hot he looks in hats. Or how elegant. Or how alluring, trendy,  jaunty, dashing, radical, charming, you name it, he looks in hats.  

Here is a small homage to the blokes that come right out and declare that they are stylin'! Big time! I love y'all!

This is a roundup of last winter's winners (chatted up on the streets of Manhattan, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco.)  ...

Risking Life and Limb, our Fearless Editrix rides and films the streets of Amsterdam.
Short and sweet here, since my video says it all; the best way to catch the vibe of Amsterdam is on TWO WHEELS!
Saatchiart.com is changing the game

As a painter and photographer I've been told that I have a great eye. If true, I probably inherited it from my dad, who was a wonderful photographer, and my mum, who was a painter and owner of one of America’s first galleries of American crafts. If you like the look of Realize, (the aesthetic, and many of the photographs and illustrations are mine) then you can theoretically trust what I have to say below.

Being an art hound and amateur curator, I have spent years hunting for a decent online art...

You're never too old to throw one on..

Once again, Realize takes style matters into our own hands.  Moto jackets are all the rage… but Hello; we’ve been sporting them forever!  So we asked our contributors to girl up and get themselves photographed in their leather jackets: vintage, brand new or borrowed from boys.  There are as many ways to wear them as there are adaptations of them.  Get wild, ladies!  (The slide show is below...)

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