Don't Run From It: Streaming Music is the Future and Apple Music's Got ya Covered

Okay, well I'm sort of an unabashed music hound, restless and always following the scent of auditory joy.  After the demise of my old pal rdio (our former streaming service on Realize and yup, that's how it was spelled) I found myself searching about for the best possible service. Always an Apple devotee, I decided to give them my business, and I'm happy I did.

So you'll see above and below that I've clipped a few shots of the various routes Apple gives you into their world. You can either access your own Library, choose to Browse* (new music, rediscovered music, and daily...

Tons of Music to Warm the Cockles of Your Thanksgiving Hearts

Thanksgiving is such an intense emotional holiday - all that traveling, all that preparation, all those expectations... For some of us it means coming back home, which is a joy and a relief in and of itself. For others it might mean remembering a home that’s vanished, or being the home to which family returns, or simply finding oneself part of a family of friends. 

Charles Mingus wrote Goodbye Porkpie Hat as a tribute to Lester Young, sax player and 'hep cat'



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