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As a painter and photographer I've been told that I have a great eye. If true, I probably inherited it from my dad, who was a wonderful photographer, and my mum, who was a painter and owner of one of America’s first galleries of American crafts. If you like the look of Realize, (the aesthetic, and many of the photographs and illustrations are mine) then you can theoretically trust what I have to say below.

Being an art hound and amateur curator, I have spent years hunting for a decent online art...

You're never too old to throw one on..

Once again, Realize takes style matters into our own hands.  Moto jackets are all the rage… but Hello; we’ve been sporting them forever!  So we asked our contributors to girl up and get themselves photographed in their leather jackets: vintage, brand new or borrowed from boys.  There are as many ways to wear them as there are adaptations of them.  Get wild, ladies!  (The slide show is below...)

One man's quest to keep wine clubs alive
When it comes to enjoying one of our favorite libations, Greg Klein prefers to keep tech out of the tasting experience.
A Parody

Looking for a date night movie that’s sure to make you blush? Breathless Shivers Films, in conjunction with Monogamy Studios, is pleased to announce its latest line of straight-to-DVD releases, inspired by the movie that was inspired by the book that everyone read but no one admitted to reading.

Check out these sizzling new titles:

Fifty Shades of Grey Shades: Home décor gets a sexy makeover. Christian, a handsome billionaire remodeling his luxury apartment, has lamps. Lots of lamps. And he needs some shades to go with them. Aspiring young interior designer Ana signs on to help him and soon finds that there's...

A list of forget-me-nots as unique as she is

So "if you really love someone, set them free"… from the tiresome routines of Valentine’s day! 
Make this one memorable. Whether it is a scent to remember or a piece of art for her boudoir or office, she is sure to understand the depth of your thoughtfulness. If these pieces don't tickle your fancy, head on over to our gift guide for art lovers for more inspiration. 


From works of art to the art of fashion, we bring you the best gifts for your man

So "if you really love someone, set them free"… from the tiresome routines of Valentine’s day! Make this one memorable.  Give him something he can put on his wall - in his man cave or office or woodshed. When he looks at it he will always be reminded of your love.

In honor of Eros, the god of Love, we've chosen some pieces that emphasize masculinity. But you know your guy… maybe he’s the contemplative type, into landscapes or abstracts, then check out our art...

This curated list will help you give something beautiful this year
From Pop Art to portraits, we've curated some of our favorite paintings from Saatchi Art. The best part? Each piece is accessible.
When wine meets tech, the possibilities are endless
From label-to-door deliveries to a platform that treats your palate like a dating profile, the latest entrepreneurial renaissance is adding a little tech to those tannins.
Would Olive Osculate?
From oops to oblivion, we explore some of our favorite "O" words. Join us for another edition of REALIZE Magazine's 101 Coolest Words.
Escape to Neverland (for grownups)
When it comes to escaping the "real world," these exotic adventures will have you wishing you could never grow up. From California to Florida, these glamorous camping (or glamping) destinations will serve as the perfect backdrop for your next fall or winter getaway.
Can one be a nihilist and still get good nookie?
From nookie to nihilism, we explore some of our favorite words starting with the letter 'N' in the latest installment of REALIZE Magazine's 101 Coolest Words.
Anyone put off by the word ‘calorie’ needs to find another class.

They sold me a dream. A spotless kitchen, big dough-rolling tables, commercial Kitchen-aid stand mixers, pots of 360-degree bubbling oil, silicone spatulas and all manner of baking tools that we did not have to wash. In my real world, the one back home, scrubbing and tidying up really get in the way of getting things done.

Donut boot camp was like competing in an Iron Chef with yourself. Dirty all the pots and bowls, drop an egg from time to time, ramp up the speed of the mixer to get that “ribbony” dough, do culinary battle with the other donut-meisters crowding the bubbling pots. Get dizzy over...

Old Style Butcher Shops are Back
Was this the renaissance in butchering? The head-to-tail butcher showing off tattoos of hatchets on his arms? Had I hit the motherlode of a trend?
Bobby Flay, An Argentinian, Some Memphis Dudes and more....
Barbeque and Summer, inseparable. Check out these great books for Grilling...
Not sure why BBQ is correlated with Independence exactly - but we're not complaining...
Best names of Barbeque Joints!
Our contributors dish out their favorite holiday traditions.
Acclaimed food writer, Peggy Wolff, shares her take on a classic with this savory recipe. Note: this recipe is simple but does take two days to prep.
We want to slather this savory sauce on everything

So you’ve made the meal of your dreams…  The turkey is fresh from the oven, resting.  The marshmallows are browning on the sweet potatoes and your green beans have casseroled beautifully.  Now is the time to whip up the unifying force of all great Thanksgiving plates: The Gravy.

We’re going to use the stock made from the turkey neck, a little flour, and the drippings from your roasted turkey.  To separate the fat from the pan juices, remove the bird from your roasting pan to a carving board and then pour all that remains in your pan into a measuring cup.  Let stand for a few minutes and you will see the...

Everybody has their fave cookbooks, but we're just askin' the awesome cooks.
Everybody has their fave cookbooks, but the choices of some cooks just might have more value. Like, if they're awesome cooks.
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