Being a compendium of words divine, puerile, absurd, vulgar and altogether wonderful
Being a compendium of words either awesome to roll across the tongue, or of which it is startling to consider the meaning, or curious etymology.
Take a Wild Ride through the Most Stupendous Language in the World

Being a compendium of words either awesome to roll across the tongue, or of which it is startling to consider the meaning, or curious etymology.

Most of these definitions and etymologies have been hybridized from a number of sources. Thanks to, an amazing online resource, and which aggregates definitions from countless other dictionaries. Nods also to Webster’s Third International and Wikipedia for some definitions and backstories, and in the greatest part to the Online Etymology Dictionary  

More Cavorting in the World's Most Uproarious Language K-M

Kitsch -  from German kitsch, lit. "gaudy, trash," from dialectal kitschen "to smear.": excessively garish, or in bad taste or of lowbrow quality or condition: “teetering on the brink of kitsch.”  As refers to a work of art or an object: garish, pretentious, or sentimental, usu. vulgar and worthless (think kitsch plastic models of the royal family). Well, the Germans might have originated the concept, but somehow Americans upped the ante and probably produces more kitsch than any other nation on Earth.

Karma - 1827, in Buddhism,...

The Rollicking Life of the World's Greatest Language

Giggle - The earliest known usage of giggle in English dates from the 16th century [Akin to gaggle: cf. OD. ghichelen, G. kichern.] To laugh with short catches of the breath or voice; to laugh in a light, affected, puerile or silly manner; to titter with childish levity. “Giggling and laughing with all their might At the piteous hap of the fairy wight.” J. R. Drake.

Gooey -1893, American English slang, from goo + -y. The first element perhaps somehow imitative, or shortened from burgoo (1787) "thick porridge." As for goo, 1903, American...

A Light-hearted Documentary about an Outrageous Gathering in the Desert
From the shaggy front lines of hipster culture, we bring you a light-hearted documentary on BEquinox, a regional Burning Man event held in Joshua Tree, CA. Though smaller in scale, it has the same wild mix of people and shenanigans, and the same blissed-out vibe as Burning Man. More than a few Boomers.

I broke up with my girlfriend a while ago. It was very painful – we had different religious beliefs: she was an atheist and, at the time, I thought I was God.

Many years ago, I was a standup comic who mostly did weird little conceptual bits. I only had one joke – that one. It got good reactions, maybe because it takes a moment to decipher: “She’s an atheist, he thinks he’s God, so . . . Ah!” Figuring out a joke gives us a sense of triumph; we laugh partially at our cleverness in deciphering its mystery.

That bears a relationship to religious Faith. Religion takes life’s greatest mysteries – Who are we? What do our...

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A Neophyte's Entry into the Soul of Buenos Aires, by Joan Gately Shapiro

In the great karmic unwrapping of the 3rd stage of my life, my daughter gave me the gift of the Tango.  She, my first born, who had ushered in family life,  parenthood and sheer panic, was clearly creating her own separate  life.  In her third year of law school she had decided to study Spanish intensively in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She and a friend were renting an apartment for the month of January in a trendy section of the city called Palermo Hollywood. 

When she first floated the idea of my joining her in Buenos Aires to learn Spanish, I recoiled at the prospect.  Lugging books and notes, memorizing...

I try to channel Bjork daily...
As a die-hard Bjork fan, I'm hoping y'all will enjoy this as much as I did. It's totally bonkers!
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