Flying Underwater

This is a video I wrote, shot with a Go Pro on a cold winter's day in LA, and edited with my favorite software, Final Cut Pro. Which is all just to say that's how much swimming inspires me... But don't take my word for it, watch the video:) 

Time to Reflect, Time to Change

Looking for the right image for a post can be an arduous project. But today I checked my photo database, which houses a massive number of museum shots, and found Peter Blume's The Rock - immediately. While it depicts a harsh landscape, it also presents humans at work rebuilding. The big red chopped and broken sphere - a moldy microcosm representing...

100 Essays from the personal to the philosophical; from the elegiac to the snarky: from the deadly serious to the deadly seriously funny.

Her Argument is not exactly a memoir but rather more of a what-if book, a ‘what-if you could look at life as an intellectual adventure’ book.

Riffing in a non-linear style off her trajectory as a rebellious young woman growing through adulthood, artist Ellary Eddy presents some iconoclastic variations on the themes of love and death, creativity and curiosity, the...

Here's why it hasn't but how it could.

Whether I call myself a Stoic or a Buddhist, I try, on a daily basis, to find happiness in the small stuff. Walking my dog, eating a peach, playing the ukulele given to me by a new guy friend. Real world stuff. Or should I say non-virtual stuff. Parsing the distinction between the two leads me to some deeper questions that, like a swarm of robotic mosquitoes, keep arising...

What We Dare Not Represent

I love what Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn has to say about being an artist.

"Doing artwork is not an escape or a dream. If my work is intense, charged and dense, it has a chance of making a breakthrough - a breach in today’s...

An artist's video appreciation of the Burden installation, which simultaneously makes a subversive statement and provides maximum fun

I don't usually consider myself an obsessive individual, but when it comes to art, I have found myself occasionally a devotee.  This is the case with Chris Burden's newish installation at LACMA in Los Angeles.  Rather than verbalize my fascination, I simply recorded it, and then celebrated it in my own 'art video'.  Well, I didn't just record it once. I shot on three separate occasions until...

A photographer who makes you stop and think

I chose Santiago Vanegas as the first Saatchi artist to feature on Realize because, though I often find contemporary photography to be facile or hackneyed, his work forces me to stop and look, and look again.  Not only is his subject matter arresting, but his technique is stunning.  

Maybe these people have a grasp on the elusive nature of Love.

"What do I think of love? - As a matter of fact, I think nothing at all of love. I'd be glad to know what it is, but being inside, I see it in existence, not in essence...  discourse though I may for years at a time, I cannot hope to seize the concept of it except "by the tail": by flashes, formulas, surprises of expression, scattered through the great...

Don't Run From It: Streaming Music is the Future and Apple Music's Got ya Covered

Okay, well I'm sort of an unabashed music hound, restless and always following the scent of auditory joy.  After the demise of my old pal rdio (our former streaming service on Realize and yup, that's how it was spelled) I found myself searching about for the best possible service. Always an Apple devotee, I decided to give them my business, and I'm happy I did.

Get a Perspective on Contemporary Global Art

Yes, art fairs do sort of rock, especially in a town like LA (or should I say sprawl like LA) where doing a gallery crawl can require a gallon of gas and an hour of driving. And even then you wind up with the same cast of curators. Now, mind you, I’m not complaining - because the LA gallery scene is absolutely popping.

Will They Dance?

And before you even go there; What is your motto?

We All Want it, But What is it Exactly???

Next - Boy, lots of different responses to the question of: What are your feelings about Technology and how have they changed in the last years?

Some people do manage to have it all...

Not only does Tom Nolan run a tight ship of an R&B band playing nearly 60 gigs a year, but he also happens to be a dedicated educator.  Tom has worked as a Dean of Students at the prestigious Crossroads School in Los Angeles, for nearly 30 years.  Add to his CV the fact that he has a killer voice, covering some R&B standards with muscle and grit, and crooning his own memorable tunes,...

A Powerful Theory about the Real Way the Brain Works!

Here is an intro to my most recent Realize interview - with Evian Gordon, acclaimed Integrative Neuroscientist.  The interview is actually a 6 part series, each segment around 5 minutes. The first two videos cover Gordon’s Brain 1-2-4 Model (a revolutionary mapping of the brain’s core elements.) In the third, Dr. Gordon talks about his background and we have a surprising chat about Free Will...

Having swooned over her new book FRAGRANT, I was thrilled she accepted my invitation for an interview...

Short and sweet here, as the video says it all. Mandy Aftel is an alchemist, a literatteur and a fascinating woman.  Her new book Fragrant is a marvel, leading the reader through the remarkable history of our profound relationship with fragrance... Our talk wanders delightfully through the past and lands back in the present with Mandy demonstrating how to make one of her custom scents.  I was...

What the Amsterdammers know - video interviews

In the short week I spent in Amsterdam last autumn, I approached four Amsterdammers and asked them one simple question...  What's it like being over 50 in Amsterdam? I was charmed by their responses.

Lovely, open people all.  I wonder, would I get the same reception in L.A.?  Well, maybe if I spoke Dutch...  

A Light-hearted Documentary about an Outrageous Gathering in the Desert
From the shaggy front lines of hipster culture, we bring you a light-hearted documentary on BEquinox, a regional Burning Man event held in Joshua Tree, CA. Though smaller in scale, it has the same wild mix of people and shenanigans, and the same blissed-out vibe as Burning Man. More than a few Boomers.
How painter Joni Wehrli conquers acrophobia swinging high in the air

When I learned a good friend of a good friend of mine, who happens to be well over 50, had been flying on a trapeze, weekly, over the past decade, I knew I had to witness it and then show the good readers of Realize that things you never thought possible at our age can be done with agility and grace.  Joni Wehrli gives us a voyeuristic thrill and talks about how the... is changing the game

As a painter and photographer I've been told that I have a great eye. If true, I probably inherited it from my dad, who was a wonderful photographer, and my mum, who was a painter and owner of one of America’s first galleries of American crafts. If you like the look of Realize, (the aesthetic, and many of the photographs and...

One man's quest to keep wine clubs alive
When it comes to enjoying one of our favorite libations, Greg Klein prefers to keep tech out of the tasting experience.
So what’s on your list? Boomers, Bucket Lists and the Big Beyond
How did people start thinking of “buckets” in relation to death? The most popular theory is that it derived from the 1700’s, from the practice of standing a condemned person atop a bucket prior to tightening of the noose. Kick the bucket out from under the unfortunate, and – voila! Out of death is born a new metaphor.
Massive entertainment for the masses

“I want to see the Big Ass Rock”

That’s what I overheard a hefty dame exclaim as I left the scene of the massive artwork known as Levitated Mass, by artist Michael Heizer. Why do I prefer her title?  Oh well, perhaps it doesn’t really do it justice. 

Longtime executive in the fashion world, Skip took a radical detour...
Longtime executive in the fashion world, Skip took a radical detour; he retrofitted a 42' boat for commercial tuna fishing and headed to sea.